Main service


develop computer software

example for products
  "Naruto-Kaikyo" collecting mail address over the internet
"Dan-no-ura" sending direct mail
"Shiageru-kun" for creating test document automatically
"Moenjo-Daro" migrating the SQL (DB2 ->Sybase) automatically
"Tokumaru-kun-ultra" migrating the SQL (RedBrick ->Oracle) automatically

example for solution
  Can you create arithmetic exercise book on internet using old database?

We use FileMaker pro.But it's not so nice. We wanna change it.

Hey, guys, our Oracle database system is slower than tortoise .
>>>>>Quicken than rabbit.

No, we like Microsoft. We only use SQLServer. But it is very slow. Why?
>>>>>Either MS or Oracle will be quicken.

We have a large software but it is made by Visual Basic.We need it by Java.